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English Across The Curriculum


Implemented by the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU), English Across the Curriculum (EAC) – Institutional Movement at CUHK is an institution-wide language enhancement initiative supported by the Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant both for the 2016–2019 & 2019–2020 trienniums. In close collaboration with disciplinary specialists, the project primarily aims to assist content teachers in developing students’ language awareness and language use in their respective disciplines through the integration of content learning and English learning.  With improved academic literacy, students are better equipped to demonstrate, apply and master subject knowledge.

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What our collaborators say

“Language and communication skills are key components behind translating ideas into reality. Students, in their pursuit of knowledge, often forget that ‘how’ they communicate can be as important as ‘what’ they communicate. Over the last year the School of Architecture at CU has collaborated with the EAC Team to work on these very issues: Communication, Speech Delivery and Presentation Structure. The results have been of immense value to both the students who have improved their confidence and professors who have learnt important teaching skills. We would greatly encourage you to engage with the EAC project.”

Prof Peter Winston FERRETTO

Associate Professor

School of Architecture, CUHK

“Special thanks to the EAC team for working with the CUHK Business School on a series of workshops to hone our students’ presentation and communication skills, and prepare them for case competitions. Students found the workshops exhilarating, inspiring and fun!”

Ms Elaine Tam

Administrative Director

Undergraduate Studies in Business

Faculty of Business Administration CUHK

“EAC facilitates me to work with ELTU colleagues to nurture a learning outcome crucial to students’ future success: Capability to concisely and precisely communicate complicated statistics concepts to non-specialists.”

Prof Isabella Poon

Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President Professor

Department of Statistics, CUHK

“Language is a medium through which knowledge is acquired and skills developed. In a teaching context where English is used as a medium of learning, effective use of English as a learning tool is of prime importance. Through the ‘English across the Curriculum’ project, ELTU has provided students a good opportunity to promote their mastery of discipline knowledge and skills through enhancing their use of English. To make the project a success, ELTU needs the input of teachers in the use of English specific to their respective disciplines. Do sign up as collaborators of the project in order to help your students become competent users of English for academic purposes.”

Prof Cecilia Chun

Director, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research CUHK

“Students could learn various English usage specifically in Science field and we believe that it is beneficial to our students. The cooperation with ETLU is a breakthrough and we look forward to more future development in English learning in Science.”

Dr Tammy Tam

Lecturer Earth System Science Programme, CUHK

“The successful collaboration between the EAC team and the General Education Foundation Programme has created a vibrant community of practice, which will create a community of curious learners.”

Dr Wing Hung WONG

Associate Director

University General Education, CUHK

Online Teaching Arrangements and Office Opening Hours


The University has announced that all teaching and learning activities will be conducted in online mode from 24 January 2022 until further notice. For the arrangement of ELTU classes, please contact your class teacher for details.

The ELTU General Office is open on 24 January 2022 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and will be closed until further notice. This temporary arrangement is subject to change and will cease upon the University’s announcement of the resumption of services and operation.

For enquiries related to teaching and learning matters, please contact us at sa.eltu@cuhk.edu.hk or (852) 3943 5958. For other enquiries, please send your email to eltu-info@cuhk.edu.hk or (852) 3943 9490.