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Welcome Message


English Across the Curriculum (EAC) includes but extends the acquisition and use of English in formal English courses to other discipline-specific subjects.  It is about collaboration; it is about the setting up of communities of practice, it is about enhancing academic literacy; and it is also about joint ownership of language education between language and subject teachers.


This beautiful picture was first painted by an inter-institutional EAC project “Professional Development in English Across the Curriculum”, which was funded by UGC (2014–2016). At The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), this EAC initiative has been met with relative success – thanks to our project collaborators and the support of the University Senior Management. With substantial funding support (2016–2019 & 2019–2022), institutionalizing EAC at CUHK has become one of the main goals of the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) in recent years.


It is with great excitement that I present this website to you. Here, you will meet the ELTU EAC project team, and get to know more about our ongoing collaborative projects with different content teachers. I sincerely hope that you will share our vision and set up more communities of practice with us.


Best regards,



Dr Jose Lai

Principal Supervisor