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Workshop on Writing the Capstone Thesis for the Urban Studies Programme (URSP)

On 13 January 2022, Dr Olive Cheung and Mr Matthew Knowles conducted a second workshop this academic year to support students taking Dr Murat Es’ URSP4002/4004 Capstone Thesis/Project II. In the workshop held in the first term, students learned to write stronger literature reviews for their thesis and supplemented this knowledge by participating in the second workshop that focused on completing the capstone thesis/project.

To advise students on the final stages of their capstone theses/projects, Dr Cheung and Mr Knowles guided them through each section and taught essay structure, grammar, collocations, language use, and proofreading techniques. They also demonstrated useful online resources and services that could benefit students during their writing process. Plenty of previous student samples were incorporated into the teaching materials for a more targeted approach to increase relevance and interest in the workshop. Students enjoyed the informative session and particularly appreciated the interactive activities, highly detailed materials, and clear delivery by the instructors. The EAC project team appreciates the encouraging comments and looks forward to expanding this collaboration with the Urban Studies Programme in the near future.