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Workshop on Writing Skills for the Gender Studies Programme (GDRS)

On 2 February 2021, Mr Kelvin Chu conducted a one-hour mixed mode workshop in Dr Joseph Cho’s GDRS1002 Feminist TheoriesThis is the first workshop of a three-part series following the Writing to Learn (WTL) pedagogical model to facilitate learning and language enhancement. By understanding that writing can be both a method of learning and communication, it is hoped that students will explicitly reflect on their own writing processes to boost their performance and overall understanding of the course content. The key aims of the first workshop were to: 1) understand the WTL model and the writing process, 2identify the audience and purpose of writing, and 3internalize active reading and annotation of textsThe workshop was positively received, and students praised it to be informative, inspiring, and engagingThey especially enjoyed the guided exercise on annotating passages and appreciated the instructor’s elaborate tips for each stage of the writing process. The EAC project team is excited to return to the class for second workshop in March.