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Workshop on Writing Abstracts for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

On 10 February 2022, Dr Greg Wu conducted a one-hour Zoom workshop on abstract writing for postgraduate students in Prof Douglas Gildow’s BUDS5014 Buddhist Studies in the West. Prof Gildow is the sixth EAC collaborator from the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies. This collaboration was launched as a two-part intervention to support the major English-language written tasks in this course, which include an academic abstract and a book review. Dr Wu developed an organized and in-depth workshop on abstract writing techniques and shared advice that stemmed from his expertise in teaching postgraduate writing skills. The main objectives of the workshop were to understand the various moves, structure, verb tenses, and signposting of a good academic abstract and identify the features of different types of abstracts – indicative, informative, results-driven, and summary. Students were engaged throughout the session and actively participated in the hands-on activities and breakout room discussions. Difficult aspects of abstract writing were clarified in detail and reinforced through a variety of writing exercises and textual analyses using disciplinary texts, rubrics, and samples. Many students commented that they appreciated Dr Wu’s professionalism, patience, and understanding, and showed gratitude for his passionate and sincere teaching approach. It was evident that both the students and the collaborator found the session useful and enjoyed their time with Dr Wu. The EAC project team is happy with the encouraging responses in this new collaboration and looks forward to the second workshop on writing book reviews in March.