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Workshop on Research Writing Strategies (Research Proposal Writing) for the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education (SSPE)

In term 2 of the 2022 – 23 academic year, Dr Allen Ho and Dr Amy Dai from the ELTU EAC team conducted two repeated sessions of a research writing workshop for students who are currently taking SPED3630 Introduction to Research Methods from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education to facilitate their preparation of the research proposal to be submitted as a key assessment task of the course.

The objectives of the workshop include (1) to provide collective feedback on SPED3630 research proposals from the previous cohorts; (2) to introduce effective thesis writing strategies; (3) to note the overall structure of a research proposal and research report, as well as function and language use of different sections; and (4) to highlight the differences between research proposals and final reports. A set of handouts was provided to students by the end of the workshop. The EAC team also developed an eLearning platform exclusively for this group of students to facilitate their further learning.

The post-workshop survey results indicate that students appreciated the provision of the workshop and the additional learning resources. They particularly applauded the instructors for their enthusiasm in teaching and clarity in explaining important concepts. The EAC team is encouraged by the positive response and looks forward to continuing the collaboration.

Group Photo (SPED3630A)
Group Photo (SPED3630B)