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Workshop on Midterm Preparation for the Gender Studies Programme (GDRS)

Mr Kelvin Chu returned to Dr Cho’s GDRS1002 Feminist Theories on 2 March 2021 to hold his second mixed mode workshop in the three part series of the collaboration. The overall aim was to prepare students for their midterm exam by focusing on analyzing complex academic readings and unpacking requirements of questions. Mr Chu’s effective approach to the reading-heavy course was to enhance students’ overall understanding of the material by basing content on the Writing to Learn (WTL) theory. To heighten students’ test-taking and academic writing skills, students were taken through the techniques to approach exam questions, the functions of specific categories of reporting verbs, the distinct purposes of paraphrasing and summarizing, and the use of quoting for emphasis. Mr Chu’s clear and detailed delivery was very much appreciated, and the hands-on writing practice after each concept was well valued. The workshop was met with encouraging feedback from the collaborator and the students, and the EAC project team is excited to return for the third and final workshop in April.