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Workshop on Improving Academic English Writing Skills for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

After a successful launch of interventions in three of Prof Tobias Brandner’s courses in 2020-21, Mr Richard Goss was invited back on 28 September 2021 to conduct a face-to-face workshop on improving academic English writing skills in THEO2221/5321 Church History I. The main objectives of the workshop were: 1) to identify and improve common problems in academic writing; b) to know how to self-edit one’s own work; c) to write more sophisticated sentences; and 4) to know how to use online resources for self-learning. Although the workshop was only 45 minutes in length, Mr Goss’ dynamic and interactive presentation ensured that students left with new tools and knowledge to improve their writing skills. Students were satisfied with the workshop and shared many positive comments and suggestions with the team. Encouraged by their highly positive feedback and appreciation of the effectiveness of the interventions, the EAC project team looks forward to strengthening this collaboration for years to come.