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Workshop on Improving Academic English Writing Skills for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE/THEO)

On 21 October, 2020, Mr Richard Goss was warmly welcomed to THEO5324 Christianity in Asia by Prof Tobias Brandner from the Divinity School of Chung Chi College to conduct an academic writing workshop via Zoom. The same 45-minute workshop was held in Prof Brandner’s THEO2221/5321 Church History I few weeks prior to this intervention to jumpstart the newly formed collaborationIn response to the encouraging student and collaborator feedback, Mr Goss was invited to conduct this interactive workshop again in another course, with the purpose of refining students’ academic English writing skills through the sharing of online resources and discussion of sentence sophistication and structure. The students were impressed by the plethora of self-learning and self-editing resources introduced, and were appreciative of Mr Goss’ clarity, vitality, and enthusiasm in delivering the content. The overall student feedback was positive, and the EAC project team is excited to coordinate new interventions for the collaboration in the second term.