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Workshop on Improving Academic English Writing Skills for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE/THEO)

On 29 September 2020, Mr Richard Goss conducted a 45-minute workshop on Zoom in conjunction with Prof Tobias Brandner’s course, THEO2221/5321 Church History I. This is the first intervention of the newly launched EAC collaboration with Prof Brandner from the Divinity School of Chung Chi College. The workshop aimed to improve students’ academic English writing skills through the sharing of online resources and completion of short activities on sentence sophistication and structure. The EAC project team was warmly welcomed by the class and students’ feedback collected was very encouraging and positive. The students greatly appreciated Mr Goss’ thorough and detailed preparation and his passionate, clear, and lively delivery of the content. Furthermore, they praised the wealth of language enhancement websites and resources demonstrated during the workshop and viewed them to be very useful in facilitating the self-learning and editing of academic work. Although the time was limited, Mr Goss made every minute as productive and efficient as possible with the addition of discussion-based activities and interactive teaching methods. With the optimistic feedback from the first session, the EAC project team looks forward to enriching this collaboration with more interventions in the future.

22–23 Term 2 ELTU Course Swapping and Registration

For 22–23 Term 2 ELTU course swapping and registration matters, please refer to the email from the ELTU Student Affairs Team and submit an online application HERE during the following stages:

  • Stage 1: 10 Nov 2022 (Thu) 5:00pm – 28 Nov 2022 (Mon) 9:00am
  • Stage 2: 15 Jan 2023 (Sun) 5:00pm – 23 Jan 2023 (Mon) 9:00am

Should there be any queries, please contact the ELTU Student Affairs Team at sa.eltu@cuhk.edu.hk.