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Workshop on Academic Writing for the Department of Anthropology (ANTH)

On 5 October 2020, Ms Laura Man was invited to the Department of Anthropology to hold a joint academic writing workshop in Dr Wyman Tang’s ANTH1100 Understanding Anthropology. This was the first intervention in this collaboration conducted via Zoom, and online tools such as UReply were used to adapt activities to the virtual classroom. The purpose of the workshop was to prepare students for their reflective response papers. Ms Man streamlined the workshop with a holistic approach, using a variety of writing samples from previous students and published journal articles, and incorporated analogies and comparisons to demonstrate her concepts and points. A range of topics related to academic writing was covered in the workshop, including 1) the requirements of the response essay, 2) the academic essay structure and formal writing elements, 3) paraphrasing skills, use of tenses, and choice of words, and 4) the development and organization of ideas. The overall student feedback was very positive, and they especially praised Ms Man’s detailed preparation, thorough content delivery, sharing of tips and resources, and useful analysis of student samples. Students also commented that the workshop was very comprehensive and equipped them with the academic writing skills needed to complete their writing assignments. The EAC project team is excited to return in November to hold a feedback session on the response papers.