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Workshop 2 on Final Year Project Thesis Writing for the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

On 8 April 2021, Ms Laura Buddle conducted an around two-hour workshop for final-year BME students to prepare them for writing their final year project reports. The workshop aimed to (1) help students improve their understanding of the features of academic style; (2) correct common language errors that occur in BME theses; and (3) summarise the areas of weakness identified in the mechanics of report writing. Prior to the workshop, the EAC team designed a pre-course survey to help the teacher better understand students’ needs and tailor the teaching materials and a graded quiz. The feedback received from students was positive. They not only found the workshop beneficial for enhancing their language awareness, but also highly appreciated the teacher’s enthusiasm and clear articulation of materials. Although the teacher did not conduct many in-class activities due to time constraints, the workshop was still found to be engaging, interactive, and stimulating. The EAC team looks forward to the continued collaboration with the BME department and providing their students with more useful interventions in the coming academic year.