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Workshop 2 on Final Year Project Report Writing for the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering (MAE)

On 9 March & 10 March 2022, Ms Molly Tuttle conducted two repeated workshops for MAE final-year students to prepare them for writing their final year project reports. The workshop aimed to help students be able to (1) have a greater awareness of structural conventions associated with the results & discussion and conclusion sections; (2) identify common language errors in final year reports; (3) apply IEEE guidelines to in-text citations and referencing; and (4) edit their own reports with greater confidence. In response to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, the workshops were held online. Ms Tuttle made use of different tools available on Zoom to engage students, creating an interactive and relaxing learning environment for students. As indicated by a post-workshop survey, students were generally satisfied with the workshop and spoke highly of the teacher. The EAC team is also happy to learn that they became more aware of language errors and had a better understanding of academic writing style. The EAC team looks forward to collaborating with the MAE department and providing their students with more useful and diverse support in the next academic year.