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Workshop 1 on Final Year Project Report Writing for the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering (MAE)

On 7 October and 18 October 2021, Ms Molly Tuttle conducted two repeated workshops for MAE final-year students to prepare them for writing their final year project reports. Each workshop lasted around 105 minutes, with the aim of helping students understand the overall structural conventions, common language features and writing style of a technical paper and how to place relevant information appropriately and logically in their reports. Now that the pandemic situation has become stable, the workshops were delivered face to face so as to enhance their effectiveness and facilitate interactive activities. As indicated by a post-workshop survey, students were highly satisfied with the workshop and appreciated the teacher giving clear, stimulating, and useful workshop content to better equip them with the knowledge to write a comprehensive and formal report. At the end of the workshop, some students stayed behind to ask the teacher questions, which also highlighted a benefit of face-to-face delivery. In Term 2, the EAC team will provide the students with another report writing workshop focusing more on language use and techniques for editing their reports.