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Short Story Writing Workshop

The second workshop of the creative writing series is on short story writing. Ms Jenna Collett, an ELTU lecturer and newly welcomed member of the team, was invited to conduct a 1.5 hour workshop on 29 October 2021. This also marks the first time that a workshop by the Creative Writing Project team was delivered face-to-face, as the project was launched in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and all classes and events were held through Zoom. Ms Collett provided a thorough introduction to the short story, covering the essentials such as plot devices, characterization, and expressive writing techniques. The class also conducted a literary analysis of the pre-workshop reading and other examples that demonstrated the instrumental features of a compelling short story. The interactive writing activities were short and concise, subsequently followed by instructor feedback and peer discussion that inspired further elaboration. Ms Collett’s encouragement and close interaction with the small group created an intimate writing experience for students to express themselves creatively and experiment with stepping out of their comfort zone. According to the positive feedback, students enjoyed the session very much, found the content to be informative and stimulating, and expressed their interest in more advanced level workshops. The Creative Writing Project team is happy to hear that students gained inspiration and newfound passion from the experience and will continue contributing to the creative writing community through various workshops and events.