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Short Story Creative Writing Salon

The creative writing salons returned at the start of the second term to prepare participants to enter the second annual creative writing competition this year. On 22 January 2021, Dr Christelle Davis hosted an online salon on short story writing. The writing salon is a friendly interactive space for participants to discuss their creative endeavors and ideas, receive input on their work, gain insight into the creative process, and practice their techniques with some fun writing promptsThe main difference between the salons and the workshops is that the salons integrate more active discussion and a practical writing component, whereas the workshops operate similar to a traditional, interactive lectureParticipants were encouraged to bring a draft of their work and a few ideas or thoughts to participate in guided peer review and receive constructive critique from the instructor. This guided writing process aimed to sharpen their critical thinking skills and prompt them to reflect on their own writing experience. Students and staff from all faculties across campus were welcome to attend the session. Participants left the session feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired to experiment and write better.