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Preparation Workshop for the Final Project for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

The EAC project team is thrilled to have launched a new collaboration with Prof Peichi Chung to provide language support for students in her course, CURE3027 Cultural and Creative Industries. This marks the fourth CoP with the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, and Mr Abdulwahab Tahhan served as the frontline teacher in this collaboration. Given his creative expertise and experience, Mr Tahhan conducted a workshop in mixed mode on 4 March 2021 to prepare students for their final project. For the final project, students are given the choice to write and present a cultural analysis paper, or write and pitch a business proposal. In the one-hour workshop, students learned how to write an academic paper and acquired techniques to effectively pitch a business proposal. Mr Tahhan’s passion and enthusiasm for the creative industries made the session exciting and interactive. The workshop was incredibly well-received, and students appreciated Mr Tahhan’s expressive delivery filled with fun anecdotes. Students commented that the highlight of the workshop was the segment on pitching, in which they tried their hand at pitching their ideas and learned the tips and tricks to execute the approach. The EAC project team is optimistic about the future rounds of collaboration with Prof Chung and the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies.