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Poster Presentation Consultations for the Earth System Science Programme (ESSC)

On 5 November, 2020, Ms Ella Leung, Ms Natalie Cheung and Ms Carmen Li were invited to the Earth System Programme to provide poster presentation consultations in Dr Tammy Tam’s ESSC1000 Exploring the Earth System. In preparation for their group poster presentations, students were divided into three consultation sections on Zoom and were required to present their ideas to the designated instructor and peers. The three members of the EAC project team then provided immediate verbal feedback on their performance. Prior to the session, students were strongly encouraged to view the English Advice Talk PowerPoint created by Ms Leung, which offers a detailed summary of the tips and techniques needed for executing a compelling academic poster presentation in the course. This was unlike the previous rounds of interventions in this collaboration, where the English Advice Talk was given as a lecture, followed by a rehearsal by one or two groups. In response to students’ interest in more rehearsal time, the team decided to dedicate the allocated time slot to consult each group on their presentations instead. This way, every student will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their performance. The team received encouraging comments on this new arrangement, and looks forward to implementing new methods of language support with the Earth System Science Programme in the future.