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Poetry Writing Workshop

On 18 March 2022, Dr Christelle Davis conducted the final workshop of the creative writing series this academic year to inspire the exploration of new genres and prepare students for the ELTU’s 3rd Annual Creative Writing Competition. In this 1.5-hour Zoom workshop, students learned about prose poems, spontaneous prose, and beat poetry through literary analysis and interactive writing activities. Students explored various ways to interact with poetry and discovered emotional elements that changed their perspective of the genre. Poetry prompts based on feelings, senses, imagery, and word associations were given to stimulate thinking, and students were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, as well as view and give comments on each other’s work. Dr Davis provided direct feedback on their poetry and facilitated discussions on important concepts to enhance understanding. Students were actively engaged in the materials and benefitted from the collaborative learning experience. The final workshop in this series was met with outstanding feedback. Many students agreed that the workshop was useful and informative and increased their interest in writing and reading different types of poems. They were comfortable with sharing their work in the space and enjoyed the interactive activities that reminded them to be more observant writers. The Creative Writing Project team looks forward to holding more activities and workshops of this type in the future.