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Phonics and Storytelling Skills Workshop for Early Childhood Education Programme (CHED)

On August 23rd, 2022, Dr. Cherry Chan and Ms. Sarah Abramson led a workshop for incoming Early Childhood Education Programme students on Phonics and Storytelling skills. This was the third year that this workshop was conducted. The workshop aimed to introduce these ideas to students in preparation for their careers working with young children. The first half of the workshop focused on familiarizing students with Phonics, a method of teaching students how to read English. Students were introduced to a variety of games and activities they can use to teach children, as well as additional resources if they want to learn more. The second half of the workshop focused on storytelling skills and ways of engaging students while reading. After discussing some of the techniques they can use, students were given an opportunity to practice the skills in small groups. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive; they appreciated the practicality of the material covered and the many activities that they got to engage with. The EAC team is pleased that students enjoyed this workshop and looks forward to future collaborations with the Early Childhood Education Programme.