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Midterm Preparation and Annotation Workshop for the Gender Studies Programme (GDRS)

On March 8th, 2022, Ms. Kristy Chan returned to Dr. Joseph Cho’s class, GDRS 1002 Feminist Theories, for the second part of a workshop series designed to help students prepare for their exams in this course and improve their writing skills. This workshop focused on the class’s midterm exam and how to structure an exam response. This portion of the workshop specifically focused on the use of examples and linking theory to those examples in order to better answer exam questions. Additionally, the workshop touched upon how to annotate articles so that students can better understand their readings and enable them to find evidence for papers in a more concise manner. Students appreciated this workshop as the content gave them a clear idea of how to prepare for their exams; they also found Ms. Chan’s presentation of the content to be well done. The EAC project team is looking forward to returning for the final workshop in this series.