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Final Year Project Report Writing Workshop II (MAE)

On March 15th, 2023, Ms. Molly Tuttle conducted a workshop for final-year undergraduate Mechanical and Automation Engineering students preparing them for writing their final-year report. Both daytime and evening sessions were offered, and it was the second activity of the English Across the Curriculum (EAC) Project for the Mechanical and Automation Engineering (MAE) students this academic year. The intervention focused on structural conventions in the results and conclusion sections of academic reports, identification of common language mistakes, and editing and revision skills. Materials for this workshop consisted of workshop notes and a PowerPoint presentation, and a suggested answer key was made available to students after the workshop. Overall, students found the workshop to be engaging, and the samples that were provided as best and worst practice examples were perceived as particularly helpful. Ms. Tuttle was complimented for her passionate and concise delivery. The EAC Project team is satisfied with the overall workshop process and looks forward to future collaborations with the Department of Mechanical and Automated Engineering.