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Faculty of Business Administration

Case Competition Workshops


The Case Competition Workshops are jointly held by the EAC project team and the Business School of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Case competition is a crucial component in the developmental paths of business school students. In order to excel in a business case competition, students need great mastery of both professional knowledge and presentation skills. These workshops therefore seek to equip students with practical skills in presenting business cases, and hence to raise their competitiveness in regional and international case competitions.


Formative feedback is provided for students at different stages including:
1. feedback on students’ presentations within 48 hours of receiving the case;
2. two comprehensive reflective workshops after their presentations.

Areas of Support

– Using introductions and conclusions
– Organization
– Vocabulary, grammar and register
– Fluency, pronunciation, stress and intonation
– Non-verbal communication skills
– Q & A techniques
– PPT design and visuals
– Confidence


– Observable improvement was identified in many aspects, especially in non-verbal communication skills and the presentation of introductions and conclusions.

– Workshop evaluation surveys showed that the comprehensive coverage and feedback from the trainers were greatly appreciated by participants.