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Faculty of Science

Department of Statistics


In the first term of the academic year 2015-16, the EAC project team collaborated with the Department of Statistics in an attempt to enhance students’ language awareness and language use in writing an evaluative report for the course STAT3005 Applied Nonparametric Statistics. These students encountered difficulty in explaining technical information to their target audience.


Needs Analysis: The task and the mid-term reports of students were analyzed to identify features of an exemplary evaluative report and the students’ areas of improvement. A 20-point rating scale was used to score for the key features of an evaluative report.

Tailor-made Materials: Learning materials, a model text, and some annotated student works were prepared for the invited session to enhance the language awareness of the students.

Feedback: A debriefing session was conducted by the EAC project team during their regular lecture to share the findings with the students. All learning materials and the model text were uploaded to Blackboard for independent learning after class.


The students received remarkably higher language marks in writing the evaluative report in the final examination.