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Debriefing Sessions on Final Year Project Report Writing for the Department of Information Engineering (IE)

On 15 November and 16 November 2021, Ms Molly Tuttle conducted two repeated debriefing sessions face to face for IE final-year students to prepare them for writing their final year project reports. Each session lasted 45 minutes to review and consolidate key content from the report writing micromodule, which guides students through writing an academic report by answering seven questions. Within the limited time, Ms Tuttle conducted a range of in-class activities, making the debriefing sessions engaging and interactive. Many students expressed that they particularly enjoyed the Kahoot competition, which effectively revised the content covered in the session and the micromodule. This was the first time the EAC team conducted this type of intervention for the IE students. It is encouraging that the feedback received from the students was generally positive, and the aims of the debriefing session appear to have been achieved. The EAC team will continue to work in close collaboration with the IE department and provide their students with a range of support in the future.