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Creative Writing Workshop on Short Story Writing

Dr Christelle Davis conducted the Short Story Writing Workshop on 16 October, 2020 via Zoom, which is the third installment in the creative writing series. The popularity of the short story genre was reflected in the high interest rate, and garnered an audience of students and staff from various academic backgrounds. The interactive, discussion-based workshop gave participants an introduction to the features and key elements of the shorty story and dabbled on the sub-genre of micro fiction. Dr Davis explored plot development, symbolism, and themes through the literary analysis of short stories. Participants had the opportunity to apply these plot devices in some short writing exercises. Writing techniques and idea generation were also covered in the workshop to tackle writer’s block. The overall student feedback was very positive and encouraging, and students were appreciative of Dr Davis’ clear delivery and approachable manner in guiding a comfortable and friendly writing space. Participants left feeling inspired to continue writing short stories using the techniques shared in the workshop. The Creative Writing Project team looks forward to the last workshop of the series, on creative non-fiction writing, scheduled for the following week.