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Creative Writing Workshop on Poetry Writing

In preparation for the second annual creative writing competition, the Creative Writing Project Team launched a new series of online workshops in Term 2. The first workshop in the series is a one-hour poetry workshop conducted by Dr Christelle Davis on 5 February 2021. Participants ranged from students and staff from all academic backgrounds and experience. The workshop focused on close poetry reading techniques, writing style and tone, and inspiration from poetic detail. Dr Davis introduced plenty of tips to find one’s own poetic voice with a number of short and stimulating activities that prompted participants to write and think about poetry. The use of online resources and platforms increased interaction and motivated for responses and collaborative writing. Some noteworthy activities included a close reading of a selected poem, creating poems from scrambled words, and inspiration mind mapping. Overall, the session was praised to be interactive, fun, and inspirational. Participants appreciated the instructor’s encouragement and were comfortable with sharing their work in a safe and supportive environment. The team looks forward to enriching the CUHK creative writing community with two more workshops this term.