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Creative Writing Workshop on Food Writing

Food writing was next in the creative writing workshop series, which was conducted by Ms Jessica Acuña on 9 October, 2020 via Zoom. The workshop offered an introduction to the elements, techniques, and skills used in the food writing genre. The participants were comprised of all levels of undergraduate, postgraduate, and staff writers from CUHK. Ms Acuña’s elaborate preparation, illustrative presentation, and enthusiastic delivery of her material effectively created appeal for the lesser-mentioned creative writing genre. Participants were immersed in the sensational world of food storytelling and the sensory expression of recipes, dishes, ingredients, and the act of eating. Through the analysis of a variety of published works, stimulating descriptive writing exercises, and class discussion, participants experimented with sharing their own personal memories of gustation, as well as exploring food in more intimate perspectives. The workshop was very well-received, and participants praised it to be rich in content, engaging, and eye-opening. Many expressed that Ms Acuña guided them to appreciate and perceive food differently as a reader and as a writer, and some mentioned that they became inspired to pursue this genre further. The Creative Writing Project Team is ecstatic to see the enthusiasm from the CUHK creative writing community and is excited to hold more workshops and events in the future.