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Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop

On 18 February 2022, Dr Christelle Davis conducted a 1.5-hour Zoom workshop on creative nonfiction writing as part of the annual workshop series provided by the Creative Writing Project Team. Two workshops were scheduled in Term 2 to prepare students for the ELTU’s 3rd Annual Creative Writing Competition. Students learned about the literary characteristics of the genre, creative elements and metaphoric thinking, and sensory techniques for compelling prose. Selected exemplar texts were analyzed, and tasks were given to apply this new knowledge. Students actively participated in the writing tasks and discussions and expressed their memories through vivid storytelling. Writing prompts and advice were shared to stimulate creativity and online writing tools were used for a more interactive experience. The workshop received exceptional feedback from students, and many enjoyed learning new techniques to improve their prose. They appreciated Dr Davis’ enthusiasm and insight, which encouraged them to become more confident in writing. It is hoped that students will continue exploring their unique voices through this genre and find inspiration within themselves and others.