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Intercultural Communication Through English
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Intercultural Communication Through English

Intercultural Communication Through English

Developing intercultural competencies is a lifelong process. This course aims to enhance students’ intercultural communication skills in English, while fostering global citizenship. Throughout the course, students are guided to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge which can facilitate meaningful intercultural communication. Students will engage in tasks such as reading, watching videos, discussions, and the analysis of intercultural dialogues to help them to become more global-minded interculturally competent speakers of English. The main course objectives are to practice deep listening (i.e., listening for understanding), suspend snap judgments about cultural difference, and increase cultural awareness of self and others. In other words, the course aims to develop some of the core attributes that are expected of CUHK graduates i.e., intercultural understanding and sensitivity, and global-mindedness.

Elective For

All students

Course Info

Course Code : ELTU3503

Unit : 2

Level 3