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Learn to Write Better! English through Great Essays
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Learn to Write Better! English through Great Essays

Learn to Write Better! English through Great Essays

In this course, students will read great essays on a weekly basis and engage actively in discussion of both the contents of the essays and the writing strategies employed by the authors. The essays cover topics ranging from the meaning of education, through questions of language and identity, to ideas about wealth and poverty, social class, cultural imperialism and politics. The authors represent different nationalities, genders and historical eras. These essays will serve as models of a variety of persuasive and argument-writing strategies including narration and description, the use of anecdotes and examples, satire, the extended definition, etc. The student is expected to apply these persuasive devices and methods to his/her own writing and to critically evaluate his/her work and the work of other students in the class. Participation in the class discussion of the readings is crucial – which means reading the texts in preparation for each class is essential.

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Course Code : ELTU3414

Unit : 2

Level 3

Mr SEE Mike


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