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Consultation for the Natural Sciences Programme

On 14 April 2021, Mr Dean Fisher held a consultation session for students taking Dr Otis Lam’s NSCI3000 Science and Applications of Biomimicry to give feedback on their project presentations. Students were divided into three groups of six, each of which was allocated 30 minutes to rehearse their presentations for the formal assessment and receive instant verbal feedback from Mr Fisher in terms of content and organization, language, and verbal delivery. Prior to the consultation, a handout on storytelling in the presentation was shared with every student for their own study. The feedback received from students was highly positive. The students appreciated the help of the teacher and benefitted much from the teacher’s detailed, specific, and stimulating comments and suggestions. Some of them also expressed their need in lengthening the consultation. The EAC team thanks Dr Lam for the continuing collaboration opportunity and looks forward to providing his students with more support in the next academic year.