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Analyzing Exam Questions and Structuring Responses Workshop for the Gender Studies Programme (GDRS)

On February 8th, 2022, Ms. Kristy Chan was welcomed into Professor Joseph Cho’s class, GDRS 1002 Feminist Theories, for an hour-long workshop over Zoom as a part of three part workshop series. The workshop was designed to help prepare students for their midterm and final exams in the course by introducing them to Bloom’s Taxonomy, a way of breaking down questions so that it is immediately clear what type of answer the professor is looking for. Additionally, Ms. Chan discussed how to structure a response to an exam question so that all portions of a question are addressed. The workshop was well received by students, who deemed the content useful and informative and remarked that Ms. Chan’s delivery of the content was clear. The EAC project team is pleased by this positive response and is excited to return for the next workshop in March.