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Academic Writing Preparation Workshop and Feedback Session for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

On 23 April 2021, Ms Emily Yan was invited to Prof James Frankel’s CURE1111 The Study of Religion to conduct a two-hour academic writing preparation workshop cum feedback session. The aim of the workshop was to allow opportunity for students to reflect on their language performance on their reflection papers, implement ways to avoid common errors present in their writing, and equip themselves with the skills and resources for their final paper. Topics that were covered included language use, coherence and cohesion, compare-and-contrast essay structure, and online writing resources. According to students’ feedback, the workshop was well-received and deemed as a very useful aid to their writing. In addition to the language support provided in the workshop, Ms Yan also offered individualized feedback on their papers. This discipline-specific approach allows students to have customized language support that is well-aligned with their needs. The EAC project team is happy to be in a longstanding collaboration with Prof Frankel and the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies and is excited to plan for future interventions ahead.