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Academic Essay Writing and Referencing Workshops for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

On 18 February, 2021, Ms Jenna Collett was invited to conduct two back-to-back workshops in Mr Steven Matthews’ CURE2225 Introduction to Indian Religions. To equip students with the skills for their first paper in the course, a 1.5-hour workshop on academic essay writing was held, followed by a 45-minute workshop on academic referencing. Students were introduced to the components of expository and argumentative writing, such as purpose and thesis statements, topic sentences, and essay structure. In addition, Ms Collett shared tips to achieve coherent and compelling writing, which included paragraphing, signposting, and attaining cohesion, unity, and flow. In the referencing workshop, the class reviewed the basics of MLA and APA citation, paraphrasing and integrating quotations, and standard practices for effectively and correctly using evidence in academic writing. There was also an opportunity for students to receive post-workshop feedback from the instructor and the teaching assistant on some tasks. According to students’ overall feedback, the workshops were very well-received and deemed as useful, detailed and informative. The EAC project team looks forward to the next intervention in this collaboration.