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Workshop on Further Enhancement of Academic English Writing Skills for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

On 9 February 2021, Mr Richard Goss conducted an online workshop to further enhance students’ academic English writing skills in Prof Tobias Brandner’s THEO2222/5271 Church History II. This session was to provide language support in addition to the writing workshop in THEO2221/5321 Church History I in Term 1. It also marked the team’s third workshop in collaboration with Prof Brandner this academic year. In the session, students learned to: 1) recognize common writing mistakes made by CUHK students, 2) structure compelling introductions for better academic essays, and 3) identify sentence fragments and other significant grammatical issues. Students valued the interactive activities and tremendously appreciated Mr Goss’ clear and enthusiastic delivery as well as meticulous preparation work. The workshop was incredibly well-received and praised as informative and fun. The EAC project team is very pleased with the positive feedback and is happy to provide more tailored language support in the longstanding collaboration with the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies.