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English Advice Talk for the Earth System Science Programme (ESSC)

On 16 October, 2019, Ms Ella Leung delivered a comprehensive English Advice Talk to first year students in the Earth System Science Programme. The talk was held in Dr Tammy Tam’s course, Exploring the Earth System (ESSC1000). Ms Leung shared helpful tips on presenting effectively and designing clear and comprehensible posters in order to help students with their group presentations. In addition to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of student poster examples, Ms Leung invited students to present their findings with PowerPoint as a practice run. In this activity, presenters were given an opportunity to further enhance the quality of their work by considering the instant feedback from Ms Leung and their peers. According to student feedback, the talk was very well-received, with the presentation practice being the highlight of the session. The ongoing collaboration between the ESSC and EAC team has remained strong for a number of years and the EAC team looks forward to future collaborative opportunities with the programme.