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Workshops on Essay Writing and Academic Referencing for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

Ms Jenna Collett conducted two interactive workshops on academic essay writing on 10 October, 2019 in Mr Steven Matthews’ course, Introduction to Indian Religions (CURE2225), from the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies. The first workshop, which was conducted during lecture time, demonstrated how to identify key features of coherence and cohesion in academic writing, incorporate academic evidence into essays, and differentiate between purpose and thesis statements. Topics covered included the organization and content of the essay, topic sentences, signposting, and formal register. Students were provided with opportunities to have hands-on practice with their essays in this course. The second workshop, which was held during the tutorial session immediately after the lecture, focused on academic referencing. On Mr Matthews’ request, two of the most common citation styles adopted in the discipline were covered in the workshop: APA and MLA. Aside from providing an overview of these two citation styles, Ms Collett also emphasized the importance of citation in academic writing and the differences between paraphrasing, summarizing, and in-text (integral and non-integral) citations. Students were given opportunities to practice in-text as well as reference list citations for a variety of sources. Video explanations and online citation guides and resources were shared throughout the presentation for students’ future reference.