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English Advisory Talk for ESSC1000

On 23 October an ELTU-led English Advisory Talk was delivered by Mr Dean Fisher as part of the foundation course of the Earth System Science Programme, ESSC1000.


The ESSC and the EAC team have collaborated for a number of years. This was the third time that the advisory talk was offered in the course. At the end of the term students will have a group poster presentation, which counts as part of the course assessment. The teacher of the course, Dr Tammy Tam, would also like her students to know about the basics of poster design and presentations in the field of science early on during their four years of study.


In order to prepare students for the poster presentations Mr Fisher delivered a comprehensive talk on poster presentation design and skills. In addition, two groups of students were invited to present their preliminary findings as a practice run. Based on the instant feedback provided by Mr Fisher, students had the opportunity to polish their presentation skills on the spot. According to student feedback, they found the talk helpful in preparing them for the poster presentation assessment. The comments from the teacher and the practice opportunities were listed as the highlights of the talk.