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Final Year Capstone Project Writing Workshop with Urban Studies

On 17 January, 2019, Ms Olive Cheung and Mr Matthew Knowles returned to conduct a two-part workshop in collaboration with the Urban Studies Program led by Prof Murat Es. This workshop followed the first one conducted 20 September, 2018.
The 1-hour workshop focused on helping students strengthen their writing skills in order to tackle their Final Year Capstone Thesis/Project (USRP4001/USRP4002). The main areas that the workshop focused on was helping students utilize useful verbs and tenses throughout all sections of their CST/CSP as well as proofreading skills.
Comments from the post-workshop evaluation showed that students found the language support provided by the workshop to be useful in helping them write their Thesis/Project and allow them to express their ideas more concisely and effectively.