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uReply Writing Workshop with the Gender Studies Programme

In collaboration with the Gender Studies Program, Mr Kelvin Chu, a part-time instructor and Ms Katheleen Choi, a teaching assistant from the English Language Teaching Unit delivered a 60-minute workshop that aimed to help students of GDRS1002 Feminist Theories with their in-class uReply assessments.
Responses from last years’ in-class uReply sessions as well as the mid-term student answers were collected in order to identify the students’ specific language needs. In addition, EAC team members have been invited to attend and observe Dr Joseph Cho’s lectures for several weeks in order to gain a better understanding of the content that would ultimately tailor workshops to the students’ language needs in the discipline.
The first part of the workshop focused on developing students’ descriptive writing skills through a series of written and interactive activities. The second part of the workshop focused on guiding students through the importance of coherence and cohesion in argumentative writing as well as introduced external language building resources for the students’ reference after class.