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Workshop for Urban Studies Programme

On 20 September, 2018, a joint workshop was conducted by Ms Olive Cheung and Mr Matthew Knowles with Professor Murat Es for the Capstone Thesis/Project course (URSP4001). This is the second time the EAC team has conducted workshop on writing within the discipline for the same course, following the one held in the previous academic year in 2017-2018.

The focus of this 1-hour workshop was on the literature review section of the final year capstone thesis. In preparation for this workshop, 19 student samples have been collected and analyzed in order to tackle the specific language needs for the students.

Comments from the post-workshop evaluation showed that the use of previous student samples was useful in helping students realize the common language errors made. The good samples of research texts allowed students to learn about the proper structure and salient features in the literature review. Overall, students found the workshop to be helpful in preparing them to write a literature review for their capstone thesis.