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Workshop on Research Writing Strategies for the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education

Two repeated workshops on research writing strategies were jointly conducted by Dr. Jose Lai and Mr. Allen Ho from ELTU on 18 and 22 September 2018 for students who took SPED3630 Introduction to Research Methods in Term 2 of the 2017–2018 academic year and are currently in their final year of study preparing for the final-year thesis. The two-hour workshops aimed to (1) provide feedback on the SPED3630 research proposals completed in the previous term; (2) introduce effective thesis writing strategies; (3) highlight the overall structure of a thesis, function and language of different sections of both the proposal and the final thesis; and (4) introduce research writing resources to facilitate students’ independent learning. To enhance the interaction between instructors and student participants, online quizzes and language awareness activities were included. The collaborative nature of the workshop was made explicit when Dr. John O’Reilly, one of the teachers of SPED3630, opened the workshop on 22 September by introducing the nature and aims of the joint initiative.


As reflected by the feedback survey, the workshop was well-received by students. Not only were they equipped with practical research writing skills especially in terms of the overall structure of a thesis as well as specific grammar and vocabulary areas, but they also enjoyed the interactive quizzes designed by the instructors. The EAC team is greatly encouraged by the positive response and looks eagerly forward to providing further support to preparing students for their final-year project.