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Reflective Writing Workshop for CUHK Musicians

As a part of the English Across the Curriculum project in the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU), a reflective writing workshop was held on 8th October, 2018 for music majors in the course MUSC2827 (History of Western Music I). This is the third writing workshop conducted in collaboration with Professor Jeffrey Levenberg from the Department of Music. The workshop was conducted by Dr Elaine Ng, lecturer at the ELTU.


The main objectives of the workshop were to teach music students the distinctive features of descriptive texts, to provide a proper academic framework for overall organization, and to show how to write and think critically when reflecting on music. The skills taught in this workshop are transferable in a sense that students can use these skills not only in their discipline, but also in other academic writing settings.


Based on the post-workshop evaluation, the workshop was well-received by the students as they enjoyed the interactive activities and also the in-class writing practices.