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Workshop on Writing a Final Year Project Proposal and Report for Information Engineering Students

ELTU Lecturer Chris Rozendaal led a workshop for Information Engineering (IE) students on October 9, 2018.  The aim of the workshop was (1) to familiarize students with structural conventions normally associated with IE writing; (2) to guide students in identifying these structural conventions in model reports; (3) to provide direction for students in approaching the report proposal and abstract; and (4) to review basic standards for selecting and documenting source materials.


The structure of the workshop was organized around 7 key questions that every FYP Report must answer.  By answering these questions, students will have fulfilled the structural points necessary for a complete report.  Answers to these questions were identified in several model reports, and their application to the FYP Proposal was also highlighted.  Feedback from students indicated that these 7 questions and clear guidance and explanations from the teacher were the keys to the success of the workshop.