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Presentation Skills Workshop for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies

For three consecutive years, the English Across the Curriculum project team has been collaborating with the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, specifically with the course Fieldwork in Indian Religions and Culture (CURE3377) with Mr Steven Matthews. This year, the collaboration with Mr Matthews is with the course Introduction to Indian Religions (CURE2225).


On 11th October, 2018, a 45-minute workshop on presentation skills was delivered by Ms Jenna Collett. The main objective of the workshop is to prepare students for their upcoming presentation assessment by teaching them the necessary verbal and non-verbal delivery skills to give a clear and effective presentation.


The workshop was well-received by the students according to the post-workshop evaluation in terms of in-class activities and interaction. Ms Collett will return to the class to deliver another workshop on academic writing skills in mid-November this year.