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Preparation Workshop on Academic Reading and Writing for the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (CURE)

The EAC project team’s collaboration with Prof James Frankel from the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies was established in the 2019-20 academic year, and kickstarted with Ms Emily Yan’s academic writing workshop in CURE1111 The Study of Religion. The intervention was well-received by Prof Frankel and his students, and the team was invited back to conduct workshops in another course that he taught, namely CURE1123 World Religions. On 13 November, 2020, Ms Emily Yan and Ms Natalie Cheung hosted a 2-hour Zoom workshop on academic reading and writing skills to prepare students for their term paper. This workshop was complementary to an annotated PowerPoint presentation on reading academic texts, which the EAC team arranged for the class’s self-learning before the workshop. This time, the section on effective academic reading focused on academic journal articles. Another main objective was to examine the structure and language use of writing a good compare-and-contrast essay, where a variety of excerpts from past students’ work was used to illustrate key points and concepts. To wrap up, there was a demonstration on the tools, resources, and services beyond the basic library search to facilitate students on research and documentation skills. Students shared very appreciative and promising feedback on the workshop, and the team is excited to move forwards with the collaboration in the future.