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Research Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
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Research Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

This course aims to prepare students for the capstone course / final-year thesis in their major study and the application for postgraduate study by equipping them with research writing skills. Students will receive language support to write different sections of a research paper and a range of research-related genres, with an emphasis on literature review and research proposal writing. With the consideration that students taking this course are from diverse academic backgrounds, the course will be delivered in the form of a seminar, allowing students to share and explore the research writing conventions in their discipline, learn from peers, as well as complete hands-on information search tasks, language practice, and textual analysis. Advisory: Preferably for students in their third year of study or above who plan to do primary and secondary research in their capstone course / final-year thesis.

Course Info

Course Code : ELTU3413

Unit : 2

Level 3

Dr HO Allen


    22–23 Term 2 ELTU Course Swapping and Registration

    For 22–23 Term 2 ELTU course swapping and registration matters, please refer to the email from the ELTU Student Affairs Team and submit an online application HERE during the following stages:

    • Stage 1: 10 Nov 2022 (Thu) 5:00pm – 28 Nov 2022 (Mon) 9:00am
    • Stage 2: 15 Jan 2023 (Sun) 5:00pm – 23 Jan 2023 (Mon) 9:00am

    Should there be any queries, please contact the ELTU Student Affairs Team at sa.eltu@cuhk.edu.hk.