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Communicating Engineering Research
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Communicating Engineering Research

Communicating Engineering Research

The course is designed to strengthen engineering students’ skills in communicating research ideas in written and oral forms. The writing component addresses both higher-order concerns (e.g. organisation and idea development) and lower-order concerns (e.g. grammar and sentence structure) in research writing while the speaking component highlights rhetorical strategies as well as language and delivery skills needed in relevant presentations. An emphasis is placed on how ideas can be communicated clearly and effectively in an academic context. Some sessions are run as interactive workshops, where students are given an opportunity to engage actively in discussion, textual analysis and peer review. The course is particularly suitable for students wishing to prepare for a research-based final year project or pursue future research opportunities.

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All students

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Course Code : ELTU3024

Unit : 2

Level 3

Mr YEUNG Steven


    22–23 Term 2 ELTU Course Swapping and Registration

    For 22–23 Term 2 ELTU course swapping and registration matters, please refer to the email from the ELTU Student Affairs Team and submit an online application HERE during the following stages:

    • Stage 1: 10 Nov 2022 (Thu) 5:00pm – 28 Nov 2022 (Mon) 9:00am
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    Should there be any queries, please contact the ELTU Student Affairs Team at sa.eltu@cuhk.edu.hk.