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English through Performing Arts
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English through Performing Arts

English through Performing Arts

“English through Performing Arts” is a second year course designed for students from the Faculty of Arts, and those with a keen interest in learning and mastering English through modern plays, music and other onstage performances.

This course has been developed to strengthen the written and spoken communication skills of students through a genre-based approach, with a focus on informational writing (e.g. programme notes) and reflective writing (e.g. a learning journal). Students will learn and use English through particular genres and text types found in two main forms of performing arts – theatre and music.

In this course, lessons and activities have been adapted from a wide range of authentic materials including theatre reviews, programme notes, selected scenes from films, concerts, online seminars, articles from newspaper and magazines, and a play from National Theatre Live.

Altogether the course consists of five modules, including:

  • a module on theatre
  • a module on reflective writing that accompanies the theatre module
  • 2 modules on music appreciation
  • a module on informational writing that accompanies the two music appreciation modules

During the term, students will also have the opportunity to attend two guest lectures and participate in (at least) one field trip with their lecturer of the course and / or peers.

Advisory: Recommended for Year 2 students of the Faculty of Arts.

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All students

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Course Code : ELTU2006

Unit : 3

Level 2

Dr NG Elaine